When it comes to updating your home, it can be intimidating knowing where and how to begin. The best thing to do is start where you feel most comfortable and work your way up to tackling the big projects. If you need some motivation, here are some great Do-It-Yourself projects that won’t break the bank or wreck your sanity.

  1. Paint Your Front Door
    • Painting your front door is one of the quickest ways to give your curb appeal a boost. A cool pop of color can help give the front of your home a facelift and it won’t cost you much to get it done!
  2. Remove Popcorn Ceiling
    • Popcorn ceilings can be a bit of an eyesore, but they don’t have to be forever! Removing this unsightly mess is as simple as getting the texture damp with a spray bottle and running a paint scraper across the ceiling to knock the popcorn away. If you want to avoid a big mess, use a shop vac or hose attachment of your vacuum in one hand while scraping with the other. Once you’re done scraping, a little ceiling paint is all you’ll need to have nice and smooth ceilings.
  3. Frame Bathroom Mirrors
    • Placing a cool frame around your bathroom mirror is a quick way to add some classy style to the room. Purchase any kind of trim from your local hardware store and some finish nails to get started. If you’re cutting by hand or don’t want to worry about those pesky angles, look for some corner pieces pre-finished and ready to go in the trim aisle.
  4. Install New Shower Heads
    • Believe it or not, you don’t have to be a plumber to make a big impact on your shower. Installing an upgraded shower head is as simple as unscrewing the old, taping the pipe with the supplied plumbers tape, and screwing on the new one. A few quick tips to make the process go smoothly: cover the bolt with a towel or washcloth before tightening or loosening with a wrench to avoid unsightly marks, and watch this video on how to apply plumbers tape more efficiently.
  5. Add a Kitchen Chalkboard
    • If you’re looking for a unique feature to add to your kitchen (or any other area of your home) a chalkboard can be a good place to look. Chalk paint can be found at many hardware stores in the paint section, and with just a few coats you’ve got a functioning chalkboard to write notes or keep up with your grocery list!

We at Tyler Home would love to talk with you about more ways you can add value to your home through remodeling projects. Give us a call today and let us help make your home the best it can be!