Our Story

Property Brothers Pic. No Background

*Not actual property brothers.

We’ve known each other since “diaper” as we say.  Growing up found us getting into creative mischief together!  It’s debatable how this always happened (Steve) generally got the “let’s just do it” approach and (Matt) was found following or “bailing” them out.  Through the years we’ve found ourselves traveling down different paths in life, but one thing always remained the same… Our friendship and ability to call one another for help at anytime.  

Matt, continue to find his passion in healthcare and creating thing with his hand (furniture & much more)!  Steve, on the other hand found his passion in creating, growing, and managing businesses across different industries.  Through the years the two continued to see their lives change.  Each getting married and starting families of their own.  Both graduating from Wichita State, and continuing to stay in touch through the years.

How did it start?  Well, that’s the interesting part… As mentioned above Steve is kind of a risk taker by nature and started his first business in 2012 called BattleStations Gaming Inc.  Over, the first few years the two would meet and Matt would mention doing a “construction business”.  Matt, would generally come back to the same dilemma.  The “what if” problem(s).  Over these talks Steve continued to encourage Matt to take the “chance” and in 2015 Tyler Home LLC was started. 

How did we get involved together then?  Well, in 2016 Steve made the tough decision to close BattleStations Gaming Inc.  and in doing so started looking to what’s next (that’s an entire story in itself).  Matt, at the time mentioned to Steve.  “Why don’t we grow this thing together?”  Steve, first thinking Matt lost it.  Mainly because if you’ve met the two of us, Steve (guy writing this).  You know that Steve is very low on the construction “handiness” side.  However, as you’ve guessed we are working together again.  Just took us 30 years to get here and one thing continues to be the same or ability to find ourselves getting involved in “creative mischief”.  

Steve Heiden & Matt Tyler 

The Team:

Brian Simmons: “Lead Project Guy”

Brian, has been with Tyler Home since the start with Matt.  He’s the “go to” construction lead and has well over 30+ years of experience in the construction field.  Brian, owned operated and ran Simmons Construction in Oklahoma for more then 15 years.  Brian, is a retired U.S. marine (which we thank you & value his service).  Depending on your project and project needs Brian is likely to be a part of it.  Through the years he’s been called our “designer” and much more!  He is an invaluable part of our team.  

Ryan Harrington: “Lead Project Guy”

Ryan, has been with Tyler Home since the start with Matt.  He’s one of our two lead project guys.  He has over 15+ years of construction related experience across many fields.  Depending on your project or the stage of the project Ryan will more than likely be a part of it.  

"It's your project, let's make it amazing together!"